The Hyperlocal Alliance

We are an ‘alliance’ off community leaders on a mission to make sharing local news and happenings easier. We help local news sites to connect as one to facilitate the discussion of topical issues across the UK, and to raise awareness of the challenges local communities face.


In essence, the Hyperlocal Alliance is an informal place where members can present ideas and information, and discuss these as a group. As such, users can tackle local issues together; identifying trends or helping them to prepare for any potential problems which may arise.


We are a friendly group and our groups frequently get together to organise various events. This included coming together to help of a community member in moving flat and having fun in the process!


Get in touch to find out the location and date of our next meeting by clicking here.


Hyperlocal news is an essential part of community life, both online and offline. The amount of people investing their spare time, money and effort into producing news items makes it essential that website owners have their own meetings and regular discussions together, to make Hyperlocal news efficient for everyone. An open, honest, communication system between all stakeholders can become the lifeblood of any organisation. Together, through the alliance, the website owners can help to make the United Kingdom a better place for everyone.


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Head Office, 4 Carnsdale Rd, Wirral CH46 9QR

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+44 78 540 29855

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